Collection Rewards

Complete quests to receive unique NFTs

For every rarity you have completed you will receive one unique NFT.

There are 7 rarities meaning you can collect a total of 7 premium NFTs that are not available from any of the trading card packs.

Additionally, those who have all 7 rarities completed in their inventory (“Master set”) will receive a unique NFT as well!

The first 5 collectors who have a master set even get a mint #1/1 NFT (not shown on this page).


  1. Make sure you have the complete set in your inventory on the deadline. You can use the collection book to see what NFTs you are missing and buy them easily from the secondary market.
  2. Make sure to keep all the required NFTs in your inventory until you have received the premium card the day after the deadline!


  1. Common (Graffiti Kings): June 19th
  2. Uncommon (X-Ray Specs): June 26th
  3. Rare (Prismatic): July 3rd
  4. Epic (F**CK the Buff!): July 10th
  5. Legendary (British Weather): July 17th
  6. Mythic (Tag): July 24th
  7. Extraordinary (Crypto Moonboys): July 31st
  8. All 7 rarities (Master set): July 31st

Complete your subset Saturdays before 11:59 PM UTC