Sponsoring the upcoming Graff Punks NFT ART SHOW!

Giving youngsters a chance to develop in the field of art and stay away from the streets

R2 collectibles and EOS Amsterdam are proud to announce we are sponsoring the upcoming Graff Punks NFT art show produced by the mighty Graffiti Kings collective. We greatly appreciate initiatives that help others, which is why we have decided to use part of the proceeds from this set to support the Graff Punks initiative. The Graffiti Kings are giving youngsters a chance to develop in the field of art and stay away from the streets.

The Graffiti Kings collection is turning its attention to young artists. Using the Graff Punks platform it will help children of 16 years and under with 2 categories: current established NFT artists and artists that are new to the NFT space. The project will help them with onboarding and education.

Graffiti Kings are no stranger to the world of street art, epic coolness, and world domination as witnessed by their NFT drop last week with R-Planet which sold out in seconds. The Graffiti Kings collective is now reaching out to help and promote art across many new sectors. Last month, they organized Graffiti Queens, the world’s biggest female-only digital art exhibition held across multiple metaverses. More than 200 female artists took part and stormed the citadel of NFTs.

On May 22nd we look forward to the massive drop with Graffiti Kings that will feature a collective of established graffiti artists including AROE, CHEO and Mr CENZ. There will also be wild card guest artists and a special post-sale secret adventure revealed after the May 22nd event. This secret adventure will help fund future events, including the Under 16s Graff PUNKS NFT art show.